Hi!  Welcome to the adventures of a self-proclaimed nomadic nature nerd!   My name is Jayme Drew (they/them/theirs pronouns); I’m a queer and curious human with a moderate case of wanderlust that I combine with a healthy dose of home.  My cozy homebase is on the Chesapeake Bay with my partner and furrbaby and also seem to have a part time love affair with the magnificent state of Alaska. 

When I’m out shooting photographs, I’ll spend some time indulging in the moment and connecting with my surroundings. Then I want to know what I am looking at.  What is the history of the land I’m standing on?  What is the story behind the animal I’m photographing?  How is the ecosystem around me changing?  After I capture something intriguing in my viewfinder, I often take some time to learn something about my subjects through reading interpretive panels, talking to locals or making a dash for short bursts of reading on Google when I’m back in the world of cell data & WiFi. 

Travelling and learning more about nature and conservation issues has been part of an extended career exploration process for me.  My first degree in history put me on the road to spend about 13 years in healthcare, including several years as a physical therapist in the military.  Last year I had the opportunity to work as a park ranger in Alaska on a national wildlife refuge.  Currently, I’m exploring the side gig economy to support my travels, putting more effort into developing my photography skills and working on independent photography projects that will hopefully support conservation and social advocacy issues that are close to my heart.